Sunday, April 28, 2013

Name Generator

I wanted to know my unicorn name so I did this name generator thing.

then I wanted to know more names like my superhero name and stuff so here are the results.
these are all the ones I decided to do, but there are many more that you might enjoy so go try it out(:

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Look!

Heey there(: if you haven't noticed i gave my blog a new look. this one , i think, is more simple than the other one yet not dull. this is really all about what you guys think so if you liked my old look better then PLEASE say so in the comments if you like this one better PLEASE say so also. i would really appreciate this and it would really help(: Please and Thank you
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Party Time!

Heey guys!(: well i said i had special news and here it is. I'm going to have a PARTY! Not just a normal party but a Quinceanera. It's a Hispanic tradition that when a girl turns 15 she throws a HUGE party to celebrate her coming of age. So yes i am going to have one of these on June 29, 2013 even though my birthday is July 9..Well I've already decided on the theme and its going to be candy. Lots and lots of candy! because you know..i love candy(: so yeah my family will fly in from different parts of the USA and celebrate me becoming a women O-O that is all for now.

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Friday, February 8, 2013


Hi guys! I apologize for my absence again (/_-)i'm not good at this whole blogging thing.. well anyways i think you guys deserve an update of everything that has been going on so here it is!

Christmas: I got so many amazing things like shoes, clothes, an animal hat! wooo! haha well i also got alot of body sprays which i wanted n.n i guess everybody listened..

New Years: I just stayed home and ate Chicken Wings and Pizza n.n

During January:

-I started a new art project called "Scratch Board" it's one of those that are color underneath and black on top and you just scratch off the black(:

-I drew a poster for the Child Abuse Reform and my art teacher chose mine and 5 others' posters to send to district to see if they want to use it(: yup out of all her art students.

I have some special news! But this'll be in my next blog post so read along..

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Longer Hair..Maybe.?

So guys i know how you wish your hair grew longer faster i know, i know all these things and baby will you be glad you stumbled upon this blog. Since school started this August people have been telling me how long and pretty my hair is. My sister who saw me just a couple weeks before said my hair grew long in just 3 weeks. Could this be possible? i thought. Could this silly little expierment i did for fun really have paid off? Let me explain what i mean. I've been eating something that i believe is the cause for my hair's growth spurt that something is Potatoe Skin. Gross right? Not really, it is actually flavorless when you boil them. Now i dont mean peel the potatoe and eat the skin nooo thats not at all what i mean. I actually mean that when you make potatoes dont peel the skin off, Eat It! Now i am not completly sure if this was the reason my hair grew instantly or if it was just a coincedence. Anyways eating the potatoe skin wont hurt you so you might as well try it.(:

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Whiter, Brighter Teeth

Whiter, Brighter Teeth

Do you feel like your teeth are a little on the yellow side? Want to do something about that? Well aren't you a lucky person ,because i have the solution to your problems right here! There's a simple and easy way to brighten up and whiten up that smile of yours. Are you ready for this?? Of course you are you were born ready! The answer you've been seeking is...Pure Baking Soda!! Yup, that's all it is no wacky, expensive product just Pure Baking Soda. Preferably i use Arm&Hammer but if you have a trusted special brand then feel free to use that one! Here's what i do (and what you should do too!):
Every Morning before you brush your teeth shake some baking soda onto your moist toothbrush.
Scrub your teeth as you would with regular toothpaste and for the equal amount of time.
After you are finished brush with your regular toothpaste and rinse.
And there you have it! You will see results immediately. Do this daily once a day (or twice depends on how bad your teeth are, though i wouldn't really encourage that) and you should see increasing results!
You may stop whenever you feel your ready, (think of this as training wheels) once you have it to the shade you like stop and brush regularly with toothpaste
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Longer Lashes

If you want longer eyelashes here are a couple of things that can help you.
Petroleum Jelly- Every night before you go to sleep place petroleum jelly onto your top and bottom eyelashes. Just rub it in but not too roughly.
Almond oil- Pour to almond oil into an empty mascara tube, and every day apply it as if it was mascara.
*You can probably find the petroleum jelly and almond oil at Walmart.*
**The results will NOT be noticed immediately. It will take time. Please be patient(=**

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